Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Countdown #3 - Season of Simple Grace

This is my one and only Christmas set that did not retire with the last catalog so its sort of been taking a quiet back seat while I play with all the new stuff.
I spent all night playing with this set and guess what? I made one card. That's right, ONE card! Granted, its a pretty complex one, but still, I feel a little lame.
Here's a great tutorial on how to make this Tri-Shutter card:

And so you don't feel too sad about my one project, I thought I'd post a card I made last year using the baby wipe swipe/striped wipe technique. Its fun and works perfect with solid image stamps like the ones in this set.

And for your viewing pleasure, here are some more shots of the Tri-Shutter card. Remember, if you're going to make one of these, make sure you REALLY like the person you're giving it to.


  1. Well it's very nice, but I don't think you should call that sucker a card.
    I think you should re-market that sucker as a decoration and call it the "foldable nativity". I think it looks great standing up like it does, it wouldn't hang on a normal card collector thing-so don't mail it, give it as a center piece.