Monday, February 8, 2010

Cute Condoms?

Let me start by saying that if you do not find condoms to be funny, you should probably stop reading this.

Anyone still there? No? Well, that may be for the best anyway...

So, I was talking with my sister the other day about how it can be difficult to make cute cards for husbands because they don't really care about cute. Then we got to joking about what all men really want (from their wives) for Valentine's Day. Here's what I came up with. Cute AND appealing to men!
Cute? Maybe.
Funny? I think so.
Tacky? Definately!
I hope someone invites me to a bridal shower soon. Just think what else I could wrap up cute AND be totally embarrasing at the same time. Heh heh!
And honestly, what was that phrase supposed to refer to?

Ok, this one might be crossing the line, but I was really on a roll. Also, aren't we all glad I had the classy gold foil kind? That gets some points right?
This next one is a bit more subtle. Can you guess what's inside?

You know this is the perfect way to get your hubby to finally be ok with the amount of money you spend on Stampin' Up! Products.

Maybe he'll want you to spend some more...


  1. That is so HILARIOUS!! Way to be creative.

  2. I think that is really cute and hilarious !!!

  3. OMGOSH. I want to give one of these to every member of the Relief Society! :)

  4. You can give me one next year when I'm not already knocked up.