Thursday, February 18, 2010

Beautiful Butterfly Gift Kit!!!

Yay! I finally got it all put together! This kit includes an adorable box, 6 cards (2 each of 3 different designs) and envelopes. All pre-cut and stamped and all for $10!!!

It comes with either "Happy Birthday" sayings or "Thank You" depending on what you prefer.

I plan on making one of each of these for myself, for my mom...and maybe a few more for Grandma, Mother-in-law, friends...etc. It makes a great gift for others AND a great gift for yourself.

And at only $10, totally afordable too!

Did I mention it's already stamped and cut so all you need to do is assemble it?

I know it's hard to schedule time for a class that works for everyone, so this solves all of that because there is no class! Just order your kits, I'll deliver or mail them to you (depending on where you live) and you assemble them while watching Pride and Prejudice after the kids go to bed (Ok, maybe that's just me) and voila! You have all your gifts made for upcoming birthdays, Mother's day...etc.