Thursday, March 11, 2010

Butterfly Assembly Tutorial

This is what the kit looks like when you get it. The peices of the box are right in front. and not in an envelope so we'll start on the box first.

All you need in order to assmeble the box and cards are:
* Folding tool. I use a bone folder but if you don't have one you can use whatever is handy. Everything is pre-scored so it shouldn't be too bad
* Tape adhesive for all the flat peices.
* Glue dots for the butterflies. I use small glue dots so theat the extra adhesive doesn't show.

Lets start with the box, here's what it looks like finished:

Fold all the sides along the score lines so that the strips of adhesive are facing out like shown

Peel the red adhesive covers off and stick it together.

You'll do the same thing on the box top but I like to stick the face on first so I don't have to squihs the box after it's stuck together, like so. Make sure you can see the red adhesive covers!

Then fold the box top and stick it together the same as you did for the box bottom.

I included a few sticky foam dots in your kits. Use them for the embelishment on the front of the box,  something like this:

Place a glue dot right in the middle of the butterfly and dhere him to the larger butterfly. I only use one on the small butterflies and two on the large ones so taht their wings are free to move a bit.

This is how all the cards come. Everything you need is in the envelope!

Just assmeble the cards to look like the pictures. Remember, use tape adhesive on the flat layers and glue dots for the butterflies.

Here are pictures of the finished cards in case you need a refresher:

Thanks for buying a butterfly kit!

Have fun!

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  1. The butterflies are so pretty. Lots of work for you, making all of the butterflies for everyone.