Friday, April 2, 2010

Guest Stamper - Birdhouse!

I LOVE seeing what my customers make! First I feel amazed at how cool the creations are and how beautifully they reflect the lovely individual that made them...then I feel a little humbled that I'm constantly parading around my projects and hardly ever get a chance to see what they make!

This lovely birdhouse was crafted by Michelle and she was kind enough to bring it to stamp club tonight. It was just too adorable to pass up! Unfortunately I only had my cell phone with me instead of an actual camera so the picture is a little out of focus (unless of course you'd like to see my hostess's gorgeous and imaculately clean kitchen...which is also pretty impressive!) but I think you get the idea. Just know, this little birdhouse is even adorable-er in person.

Thanks Michelle!

And thanks to all of my wonderful customers. Thanks for your friendship and thanks for stamping with me!


  1. Wow Natalie. You gave me way too much credit since you are the one who pointed me to the instructions for this exact same birdhouse! I do feel pretty important right now, though. And you are so all over this blog thing! Michelle