Thursday, April 1, 2010

Vintage Easel

My good friend Wendie asked if I could demonstrate how to make an easel card at stamp club sometime, so here it is! This is one of two projects for tonight's stamp club and I hope it lives up to expectations! The actual construction of the card is pretty simple but the execution of it is a bit tricky (for me at least) because I needed to design a cute card front that works all alone and also with the little bit on the bottom that shows sometimes. It's really more like making two cards in one. If that's confusing then you should really try it yourself so you see what I mean!

This first view is the card as an easel.
 Notice the cute envelope? I used the Very Vintage Jumbo wheel to add a litte something special to it.

Here's a side view of the easel.
This is a great card to make really frilly and send to your grandmother because you can be sure she'll keep it out on her china hutch for at least a decade!

This is the inside of the card which also needs to be cute-ed up.
You may also notice there's not much room to write a message. Sometimes thats a very good thing!

This is what the looks like when its laying flat.

If you're thinking this looks familiar, that's becasue I totally copied the last card I made using this set.   For a list of products check out:

If you want detailed directions on how to make your own easel card, heres the link to the tutorial I used. Really easy AND you can make it whatever size you'd like!

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  1. So clever! i also like your new blog look.