Friday, July 29, 2011

Pool Party TABLE!!!

I LOVE this color!!!

I've been waiting forever (since Soft Sky) for a nice clear aqua blue and I finally got it!
So, to celebrate, I painted a table! 
Isn't it so pretty!?!
I would have painted my whole stamp room but that will have to wait til I don't have to explain it to a landlord, which might get a bit awkward :)

In case any of you have forgotten, I thought I would refresh your memories about how much I have used Pool Party in the last month since it came out:
A lot, right?
And I don't plan on stopping either, especially now that I have a Pool Party TABLE!

Now, some of you may be so amazed with my arty creative-ness that you just HAVE to know how I managed all this. Well, let me tell you about it!

I bought this little table from my 11 year old neighbor (who is adorable!) for $10 at a yard sale. I knew I wanted to paint it (because I love me a painted table) but wasn't sure where exactly it would go. Sometimes it take a little while for something to really click. You know?  

So here it is, in the garage, waiting for sanding.
Also, I REALLY need a rotary sander. It was soo much fun!

And here it is with a coat of primer. Strictly speaking, it probably only needed one coat, but I wanted the white layer to be nice and thick so I put quite a lot of primer on it.
And the same for the paint. I knew I was going to sand it after it dried so everything got at least 2 coats, of not more.

As a final step I just got that lovely rotary sander back out (thanks Candi!) and kept going til I liked it. It was great fun and I can't wait to paint another piece of furniture. But what Stampin' Up! color should I use?