Thursday, October 13, 2011

Halloween Wreaths

I keep forgetting to post this!
I made a couple of spooky wreaths a few weeks ago using nothing but some standard craft store finds. Wreath base, black spray paint (which I always have on hand!) silk roses and, of course, some Stampin' Up! striped grosgrain ribbon.
It was super duper easy to put together and will be haunting my Halloween door for years and years to come. Yay!

Here's the oval one I made for my sister, which is perhaps, just a bit spookier than the round one.
Update: This wreath was re-hung so the ribbon isn't being stretched out but we were anxious to get it up there and have a look. And my sister lives 30 minutes away and its not like I ever see her to get a new picture or anything...

And a close up of the bow and flowers.
I love how the flowers retained just a hint of red so they sort of look dried.
Have I mentioned I love spray paint?
Well I do.

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  1. There, now I've emailed you updated pictures. However it is really hard to get a good glass door picture and my door got spookified by Isaac.