Friday, August 27, 2010

Decor Elements!!!

A few weeks ago I went to a local home decor store with my 2010-2011 Definitely Decorative catalog and a trusty ruler and purchased a whole bunch of plates! I know I looked like a weirdo, but in the end I think I made some really nice things. Some I'll sell, some I'll give as gifts and some will be staying at my house forevermore! Yay!

Here is my first taste of Thanksgiving for the year. Do you love it? Wouldn't it make the best hostess gift?
(Note: Candi, just because Thanksgiving is at your house this year doesn't mean your getting this. I meant that hostess gift comment purely hypothetically.)
Used: Small, Chocolate "Hem Your Blessings"

This is just a sweet little plate that could add a bit of holiday cheer anywhere you put it! I love the look of the red on white. So Jolly!

This is the same except on a vanilla color plate. Still so sweet.

And one last time, the same decor element but on a much larger clear plate.
Used: Small, Real Red "Jingle all the Way"

This last piece I made sort of on a whim. I had no idea that it would come out THIS nice! I love when that happens! After I set it up, I liked it so much I left it. It's still on my bookshelf in my living room and I'm still loving it.
Used: White "Baroque Medallions"
You may notice that all of these pictures are taken on top of the same bookshelf. Why? Well, it's the only clean place in the entire house. Also, I used glassybaby in all of the pictures as accents because I'm obsessed with them and also, I have A LOT so I figured I ought to use them for something. Right? (my favorites in these pictures are tangerine and black cat. Can you spot them?)

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  1. OHHHH the plates are so pretty and I love the glassybaby! Yes, I found black cat and tangerine.