Monday, November 15, 2010

Boutique Wrap Up!

 Let my start with a big THANK YOU to everyone who was involved with and came to the Jingle Bell Boutique on Saturday. It was a ton of fun and I leaned a lot about how to do this. I think.

One thing I learned is that I made WAY too much stuff! I have lots of cards and packs of cards still ready to go. Take a look, see if there is anything you'd like!

12 cards in this lovely box for on ly $20.00!!!

6 very fancy cards in a box for only $12.00!

6 Extra fancy cards for only $12.00!

6 card kit for only $10.00

6 card kit for only $10.00

Assorted gift bags. Large only $3.50, small only $3.00!

Gift Card Holders only $2.00! (more styles available!)

Bookmarks only $1.00 (more styles available!)

Pillowbox Kit only $10.00!

Packs of 3 cards for only $5.00 (more styles available!)

Packs of 4 cards for only $5.00 (more styles available)

If you live in the Idaho Falls area, you can come by my place anytime, or I can bring any of this to you. If you live out of town, I'm happy to ship! Just let me know!


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