Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Digital Studio Pages

I spent the last 2 days making my first digital scrapbook album. That's right, TWO DAYS! Not two years or two months like usual. And do you know how much mess I made (none!) or how many trips to the craft store? (ZERO!!!)

It has taken me a while to get the hang of the My Digital Studio software. It's not that the software is difficult, but I've never done this without paper and ink. It's an adjustment. But now that I know what it can do and how to use it, my digital projects seem to be getting pretty good. I'll have this album, which has been on my "to-do" list since last April, professionally printed and bound into a book. It's a full 28 pages long and in the 8x8 format. I'm pretty excited to get my hands on it.
Here are a couple of the pages I made:
Because I really wanted to finish the book and also because I'm not that good of a scrapbooker, I used a setting that gives me pre-designed pages. I chose the pages I wanted as I went a long, inserted my photos and then I could either leave it as is and change nothing like the page above;
Or tweak the layout to suit my needs like the page below. It originally only had a spot for one photo and it said "Happy" instead of "Scary" and I added the journaling. Oh, and the title of course.
Hopefully you'll be seeing more stuff coming from My Digital Studio now that I know how to use it. Maybe I'll even try designing some pages on my own...

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