Sunday, June 27, 2010

Farewell to Nursery Necessities

Nursery Necessities...I can't really remember a time before I had this set. I've used it soooo many times and for sooo many babies!
Before we say a final goodbye I thought I'd post a couple items that I had laying around that I never had a chance to post before.

This first one is a baby shower invite I made but never had a chance to use because the mom-to-be had a girl instead of a boy. Ooops. I always really liked the invite and was sort of hoping to get a second chance to use it. Oh well.

And this little gem is what I made as thank you notes for all the people who gave me a gift when I had my Maggie. I made about 60 of them and I had a brand new baby so it's a super quick design. I'd say this qualifies as a 5-minute card don't you think?

Click the link to see some more projects I made with this sweet baby set.

Farewell Nursery Necessities, you will be missed.

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