Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cat Card from Space for Janet! (and what's up with Basic Gray?)

Seriously, what is up with Basic Gray?
Stampin' Up! has 50 exclusive colors and all of them (except Basic Gray) have an
Adorably Alliterative name.

Think about it: Pink Pirouette, Bravo Burgandy, Old Olive...etc. Alliteration!

Why not Basic Gray? I know the history of the basic colors getting moved into the color families and all of that, but come on! Crumb Cake rose from the ashes of Kraft so I know it can be done. Is Basic Gray just so boring a color that it doesn't deserve the same treatment?


But the Pals Paper Arts design team doesn't think so or they wouldn't have chosen it as one of the colors in this week's challenge.

Ppa color 

Here are some name ideas I thought might spice up poor Basic Gray just a little.
I'll start slow with some nice simple "G" words:
"Galvanized Gray"
"Gallant Gray"
"Gray Granite"
"Grandpa Gray"
"Grizzled Gray"

Or here are some more colorful (haha) idears:
"Barnacled Battleship"
"Cool Cumulonimbus"
"Chubby Cloud"
"Only Overcast"
"Grizzled Grandpa"
"Bottled Brains"

Better right?

Please leave me a comment to help me choose the new name for Basic Grey!  I promise to call it by whatever name gets the most votes forever and ever...or until it really does get a new name.
Feel free to suggest any names I may have over looked or, you know,  just weigh in on which one you like best!

As well as slaving over the fate of Basic Blah...I also made a card!
A Cat Card for Janet, who loves Cats! I love that!
I love people who love things. REALLY love things. It makes the world a special and interesting place to live in. And it also makes me love cats too. So thanks, Janet for making the world a better place.  And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

When I showed this card to my husband (why do I still bother?) he said "It looks like The Cat From Outer Space."
The Cat From Outer Space - classic-disney
And perhaps he's not wrong, but who cares? I like the Cat From Outer Space AND he has an awesome collar. Whatever.

Here's the inside:
You may not be able to see it here but there is a very thin frame of Calypso Coral on the inside, similar to the frame on the front.
And one more picture of The Cat Card From Outer Space:
I'm loving the new Designer Frames impressions folders!

I used:
* C is for Cat and On Your Birthday stamp sets
* Cherry Cobbler, Calypso Coral, Whisper White and Basic Gray card stocks
* Basic Gray ink
* Polka Dots and Designer Frames impressions folders
* Whisper White 1/4" grosgrain ribbon
* Basic Rhinestones


  1. Loved the Cat from Outer Space, but loved the rant on Basic Gray even more! That was great!!!

  2. Only Overcast.But then I might not ever buy only overcast because that what it is here for 9 months of the year! How about submarine? The Cat From Outer Space is a fun movie! And I love the card and that you made it for Janet!!!